The Flash – Season 2

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Ronnie and Stein turn into Firestorm and destroy the singularity, but at the cost of Ronnie’s life. Six months later, while using his speed to repair Central City, Barry operates alone, being the hero and savior of the public and the local government; Cisco works in the police department alongside Joe, and Caitlin works at Mercury Labs. Barry evaluates a crime scene with a victim named Al Rothstein. At a ceremony, the Flash is attacked by Atom-Smasher, whose strength and size manipulation prove too much for Barry, but manages to force his mask off. Underneath the mask Atom-Smasher is revealed to look exactly like Rothstein. Barry is convinced by Joe and the others that he needs help in taking down certain metahumans and Rothstein is defeated by over absorbing radiation. As he dies, Rothstein tells Barry that he was sent to kill him by a person called Zoom. Barry receives a flash memory from Thawne’s lawyer containing Thawne’s confession to killing Nora. Henry is exonerated and released from prison, and leaves Central City so that Barry can focus on being the Flash. A man arrives at S.T.A.R. Labs and, introducing himself as Jay Garrick, tells the team their world is in danger.


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